Eco-Friendly Batting


Bamboo Blend

50/50 Eco-Friendly Bamboo and Cotton blend. Bamboo fiber has excellent wet permeablility, soft habd, better drape, and easy dying. It is a great green fabric.

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QB-0114R 90″ x 25 yds.

QB-0116R  120″ x 25 yds.

Fleece (Poly-Fluff)

45″ Wide; 100% Polyester     20 Yards D/R

AA-0500 – White

Poly Perfect

Needle Punched Polyester Batting. The ultimate fiberfill holds its shape. Use for padding, crafts and quilting.

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QB-0018c Full-(81″x96″) 14 per case

QB-0019c Queen-(90″x108″) 12 per case

QB-0020c King-(120″x120″) 12 per case

QB-0022c King-(96″x108″) 12 per case

Simply Black Blend

Elegant Black Cotton/Polyester Batting for both machine and hand quilting.

QB-0122R 96″ x 25 yds.

Simply Cotton

Old Fashion 100% Cotton Batting for both  machine and hand quilting.

QB-0112r  120″ x 25 yds.

Simply Cotton White

Old Fashion 100% Bleached Cotton. Batting for both machine and hand quilting. The ideal batting for light colored fabric quilts and those special craft projects. Do not machine wash or dry batting before quilting. We recommend  pre-washing prior to use. Hand wash and dry naturally. Use cool water and mild detergent, soak for 15 minutes, squeeze out excess moisture by rolling in a dry towel, dry naturally by laying flat. Shrinkage lss than 15%.

QB-0108r   120″x25 yds

Soft & Elegant

“The Comfort Blend” Cotton/Poly Batting for both machine and hand quilting.

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QB-0104r 120″ x 25 yds.