PUL - Polyurethane Fabric

Waterproof and breathable. The thin laminate is bonded to Polyester. This is perfect for cloth diapers.

PUL - Polyurethane Fabric

PUL Polyurethane Fabric

This Polyurethane fabric is waterproof and breathable.  It is a thin laminate bonded to Polyester, perfect for cloth diapers.

62″ Wide     8 Yards D/R

Stock # PUL-35080x     Pink Flowers

Stock # PUL-35081x      Cocoa Brown Solid

Stock # PUL-35085x     Cupcakes on Pink

Stock # PUL-35088x      Monsters on White

Stock # PUL-35096x      Bright Blue Solid

Stock # PUL-35097x      Light Blue Solid

Stock # PUL-35098x      Bright Pink Solid

Stock # PUL-35100x      Yellow Solid

Stock # PUL-35101x       Spring Green Solid